PCSO Lotto Results 247 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs you of what data can be collected when using our applications. Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your information and act in a careful, sensible manner.

Information we collect and may receive from other sources

We collect and store unique device identifiers such as the Firebase Installation ID (Android and iOS) and HCM token (HUAWEI Android) to allow certain core app functionalities to work properly.

We use third party service providers and may receive information about you from them. These services providers collect usage data in compliance with their privacy policies. These service providers are described below:

Terms for PCSO Lotto Results

Our applications PCSO Lotto Results 247 for Android and PCSO Lotto Results 247  for iOS do not collect, transmit, or store any personal information. Since we do not collect or store any personal information, we do not disclose and may not use your personal information in any way.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We aim to meet high standards and our policies and procedures are, therefore, constantly under review. We may, therefore, change this privacy policy in the future.